A land-based seawater aquaculture facility creating something special.


Innovation has been at the heart of our story since we conceived the company more than a decade ago. We’ve developed unique proprietary technology that means our fish live happily and grow stress and disease-free, while minimizing our environmental footprint. Our goal is simple: to supply chefs with the most delicious, wholesome fresh fish that money can buy.



We produce seafood that is always the best, bar none. Seafood produced as everyone should, putting the planet first, with minimum non-renewable energy use and no damage to the environment. Fish raised with love and care because its wellbeing affects its health and in turn that of the person eating it. Fish that amazes and delights chefs and their customers because it is super fresh and tastes wonderful. True to nature. Trusted. Fish that makes us very proud.


We found our perfect site – 275 acres in the fringe of the Valley of the Cirios, the largest protected natural reserve in the Baja Peninsula. Our eco-friendly system sits nicely in this remote location with veto over anyone that could pose the slightest threat to the environment with pollutants or other harmful elements, now or in the future.

Choosing the ideal location was central to the idea of producing the best seafood available in the market.



Eduardo Avalos captains the CIRIOS® crew. An animal geneticist by training with a PhD from Edinburgh University in Scotland, Eduardo is an entrepreneur at heart. He conceived CIRIOS® and for the last twelve years has traveled the world studying species, technologies, markets, consumer trends and chefs’ pains.


Alfonso Avalos has a strong finance background, including at Bank of America and Citibank. His culinary knowledge comes from supplying premium seafood to top restaurants in Mexico City right before joining our team. He will be your main contact when it comes to buying our super fresh fish and you may well see him in your kitchen before too long.


Alexis Mancilla is the operations wizard. He has spent all his adult life leading projects in aquaculture, breeding and growing kingfish yellowtail, turbot, tuna and other species in countries as diverse as Spain, Denmark, Malaysia, China and his native Chile. Very few people in the world bring more technical knowledge to the table than Alex.


is the latest addition to CIRIOS®. He doesn’t
have a job description but he’s a great companion and a good listener. He follows instructions (most of the time) and is a competitive basketball player.
Boy isn’t just a pretty face: he embodies the
trustworthy, loyal and friendly spirit of our team.

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