Ready for your chef's culinary genius


Scientists call it Seriola lalandi, people in the trade call
it Yellowtail kingfish, sushi masters call it Hiramasa,
chefs call it one of the most amazing and delicious fish to
have appeared on their cutting board.
CIRIOS yellowtail hiramasa™ is a guarantee of
premium, super-fresh seafood packed with deliciously
healthy nutrition and free from harmful additives.
Sumptuous, succulent, divine. Ready for a chef 's
culinary genius.
It’s sashimi grade undoubtedly green “Best CHOICE”,
and delivered to you super-fresh every week of the
year. Ask your purchasing manager to order a sample –
because the proof is in the eating.


CIRIOS yellowtail hiramasa™ are an excellent source of important vitamins and minerals. They’re packed with protein, rich in fish oils and free from harmful additives: we use no antibiotics or hormones and their feed has zero ingredients originating from land animals.
Our fish are especially rich in essential Omega-3 fatty acids.


Fish love a stress-free life and this is critical to bringing wholesome and delicious CIRIOS yellowtail hiramasa™ to your clients’ table. Our fish have plenty of room for exercise in true-to-nature seawater currents, minimal handling and stable water quality.



Our biosecurity is unmatched in the industry: all seawater entering the system is filtered to 30 microns and sterilized with six UV doses to be exceptionally clean. It’s also incredibly secure, guaranteeing uninterrupted supply.

CIRIOS yellowtail hiramasa™ are disease-free because they come from unique SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) breeding stock and live in a closed system that excludes all possibility of infection, unlike open-sea farms.



We will become the preferred source of the highest quality seafood by producing a variety of wholesome fish year round, nurtured on land using a system that's great for the planet – and giving the ocean a rest.

We will earn chefs’ trust every day by making them proud and their patrons’ meals a delight, with trustworthy seafood that is sumptuous, succulent, divine every time. You'll want to try our wholesome fish. It’s super fresh.

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